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Cardiac Rehab - Phase III

What is Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation?
Phase III is a supervised exercise program whereby individuals learn to self-manage their overall cardiovascular health. It is designed for those with known risk factors, for those with existing heart problems, or for those simply wishing to improve their level of cardiovascular fitness. If you become involved in this program, you will initially meet with a nurse to discuss the program and discuss your health history. You will then be set up for a regular class time to attend.

When Will I Have Phase III Cardiac Rehab? Who is Eligible?
Participants of Phase III Cardiac Rehab have risk factors for heart disease, have known coronary artery disease, or have other heart related problems, which require some level of monitoring. An individual can become enrolled in this program after Phase II Cardiac Rehab if the patient has recently had a heart attack or bypass surgery. Individuals can also be referred by their primary care physician or cardiologist/surgeon at any time to begin this phase. It is not necessary to have completed Phase I and Phase II Cardiac Rehab.

How Do I Become Involved in Phase III?
Your doctor may refer you if they feel you are a candidate. You can also call us and find out if you are eligible for this program if you are interested. Ultimately, we will need a prescription from your primary care doctor requesting Phase III Cardiac Rehab, with a diagnosis.

How am I Monitored?
At the Mercy Heart Center, trained nurses will supervise and monitor your exercise. Before and after exercise we will obtain your heart rate and blood pressure. During exercise we will obtain your heart rate in order to determine if you are within the best heart rate range to strengthen your heart and body. Monthly, we will obtain an EKG. Certainly, if any problems are encountered your nurse will perform other tests and ask further questions in order to treat any problems you may be having. They will appropriately refer you to your physician if they feel you are showing serious signs or symptoms.

How is this Program Covered?
Most insurance companies do not cover this phase of rehab. Some will however, so be sure to call your insurance company for specifics on your coverage. If your insurance plan does cover a number of visits, you will need to inform your nurse of this information. Your first assessment will cost $32.00. Each rehab session after this is $5.50. One session equals 1 hour. You will be billed for only the number of visits you attend each month, on a monthly basis.

When are Classes?
Classes are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Class times are 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 a.m., and 2, 4 and 5:15 p.m. There is a size limit to each of these classes, therefore, it is necessary to speak to your nurse to determine what times are available for you.

What is Next?
Phase III Cardiac Rehab is a program you can stay in indefinitely. You can choose the number of classes you would like to attend each week or each month. This can change at any time, as these classes are very flexible. If you feel you need to change a class time on a particular day, it is usually not a problem, however, make arrangements in advance to do so. Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation may also be an option for you if your therapist feels you can advance into a completely independent exercise program at the Mercy Heart Center.

If you choose to participate in another program or in home exercise, you can terminate this program at any time.