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MammoPlus® Looks at Today and the Future

MammoPlus is more than a mammogram. Our MammoPlus mammography service offers mammography PLUS a lifetime risk assessment for developing invasive breast cancer.

Do you know your risk? During your mammogram service, we will ask you a series of questions from the National Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool*. If your assessment's score requires further discussion, we will let you know. If your score is fine, we will simply run your assessment again on a yearly basis. MammoPlus is not an additional cost — it is simply our version of the best mammogram service in Michigan. MammoPlus is part of our screening mammogram and diagnostic mammogram services (diagnostic mammograms are performed if you have a breast symptom or a previous mammogram area of concern).

Digital Mammo

If you know someone who has been touched by breast cancer, you know the importance of receiving regular breast exams. The mammography technology at Mercy Health is completely digital. Mammography is a procedure using X-rays to examine the breasts. Mammography is performed on one breast at a time. Our dedicated breast technologists will position your breast on a platform and then compression will be gently applied in order to gain the best view of your breast tissue. You may be asked to hold your breath for a couple of seconds to ensure the image comes out as clear as possible. The entire process usually takes about 20 minutes.

Digital mammography can provide doctors with the technology they need to make an initial diagnosis in women. They use it as a tool to screen for breast cancer in women with no symptoms or in women who have found a lump, have had abnormal breast imaging or other breast symptoms. Women who have had abnormal clinical tests or have found lumps in their breasts will be scheduled for a diagnostic MammoPlus.

Women are recommended to receive a yearly screening MammoPlus starting at the age of 40. Some women with a personal history of breast cancer or breast cancer in their family, should begin yearly exams sooner. If you are unsure about when you should have your MammoPlus, call us today at 231-672-2008 or schedule your mammogram online. Regular mammograms are essential in the fight against breast cancer. A digital mammogram can detect breast cancer up to two years before the patient even experiences symptoms. The sooner breast cancer is discovered, the better the chance of beating it.

Preparing for the MammoPlus

The best way to prepare for your mammogram is to not wear deodorant, powder or lotion on your breasts that day. This may cause the results to be inaccurate. Also, be aware of your breasts and tell the technologist if you have any concerns or lumps in your breasts.

The Plus

During your mammogram service, we will ask you a series of questions from the National Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool. The National Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool is simply seven questions about your personal health and breast history that help us determine if you may be at increased risk for developing breast cancer. If your score requires further discussion, we will let you know. If your score is fine, we will simply run your assessment again next year.

Should your MammoPlus risk score require further review, our dedicated High Risk Clinic is available inside our High Risk Program, called RiskPlus™. Our Breast Health Navigator will be alerted to your score right away and will call you to discuss your MammoPlus results and to schedule you for a more in-depth high risk assessment. Our High Risk Clinic is available at your convenience to answer your questions about your personal risk.

Your results

Screening MammoPlus

The radiologist will review your images and dictate a report, which will be sent to your physician's office. If something of concern is detected in your images, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule additional images. If there is no need for further imaging, we will send you a letter explaining the results of your mammogram.

Diagnostic MammoPlus

Your results will be provided to you at the end of the exam.

Additional Views

There is a 10 to 15% chance that you may be asked to return for additional imaging. Do not be alarmed. This is not unusual. More detailed views are sometimes indicated to look at an area more closely to rule out any problems. If additional views are necessary, you will be called by a Breast Health Navigator to schedule a return visit.

About Previous Mammogram Images

It is essential that our dedicated breast radiologists compare your previous mammogram images to your current images. This practice ensures the highest quality result. If your previous films are from another facility and are not in our possession at the time of your MammoPlus, please note that we will ask you to provide us with the name of the facility at which your previous mammograms were performed. If we do not have your previous images, this will delay your final result.

Billing Information

Depending on your coverage, you or your insurance carrier will receive two separate bills for MammoPlus. Mercy Health will provide you with a bill for the digital mammogram. The Plus part of MammoPlus is free of charge. Also, the radiology group who reads your mammogram will provide a bill for the interpretation and reporting of your mammogram.

Don't you want to know? Find out today. Schedule your MammoPlus mammogram screening by calling 231-672-4800 or schedule your mammogram online.

*The National Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool only considers the risks associated with invasive breast cancer.